Nadya Dylevskaya From Moscow, Russia 20.02.2018
We liked everything
Recommended route: Through forests and beaches of Adazi
Stephanie Jordan From UK 20.02.2018
Really enjoyed our holiday. Found hosts attentive, relaxed - nothing too much trouble. Agnes was always smiling! Horses were charismatic, honest, fit and forward going! Enjoyed flexibility of being able to swap between several horses. Forest paths and beaches were exceptional riding country and outstanding beauty. Enjoyed the unexpected and informative tour of the bunker. I felt that the hosts really valued us as guests. I liked the clear routine of the day whilst still making it feel relaxed. Picnics were well thought out - especially enjoyed the hot tea and the hammocks. I liked that there weren't too many rules! We hadn't realised we were in the middle of nowhere in such a special setting, in a lovely log cabin, with trails which only horse riders were allowed - I think you should emphasize thsi more in your advertising as it is special. Really enjoyed trying all Latvian dishes created by the lovely Diana - very creative and interesting and fresh. Clearly a lady with a passion for food. A very relaxing holiday. Beautiful canters along the beach, in the sea and in the forest. Would definitely consider coming again for the trail. Also really appreciated that we had 2 causes for celebration during the holiday (birthday + good news) and they made a special birthday breakfast and dinner. Thank you for a brilliant week.
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Kathryn Mahony From Birmingham, UK 20.02.2018
What a fantastic holiday! The horses were exceptional - each had its own personality (particularly lovely Adru) and they were so fit and well cared for and friendly. The riding was excellent, particularly the shady woodland paths and the beach canters on the lovely white sand. It was also great to get a taste of Latvian culture with visits to the bunkers etc. The food was delicious and it was great to get to try traditional Latvian dishes cooked by the lovely Diana. We also enjoyed staying in a log cabin - accommodation was very cosy and comfortable. Hopefully we will get the chance to come back again and do the trail ride!
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Jayne Brawn From Staffordshire, UK 20.02.2018
I have completely enjoyed this holiday. there is nothing I can improve on. I've loved every moment. I obviously expected to enjoy the holiday, but the hospitality shown by Richard + his family has been second to none. Agnes has helped us so much + is obviously very caring of the horses. the guides were both absolutely brilliant. Because we had Alex for longer, we got to know him better + he told us lots of interesting facts about the area. He also tacked up for us!!! The best days in my opinion were the days that were very mixed, forest and sea!! We loved the day that we spent some time in the native reserve where humans on their own are not allowed!! Not horse related, we really appreciated being taken to see the bunkers. That was such a good thing for us to do + to hear of the history of the area from locals was brilliant. The noises were magnificent. The stars of the show. Perfect trail horses. We also really appreciated the rain gear!
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Amanda Smith From Staffordshire, UK 20.02.2018
I have had a wonderful week riding in Latvia. The guides were very knowledgeable and were very adept at keeping us safe. The food every day was excellent, varied, local dishes and nothing was too much trouble for cook Diana who went above and beyond making extra dishes/cakes/provisions for a birthday celebration. The horses whilst forward going were very safe and easy to control and the ability to swap between horses each day was there. I would recommend this holiday to a small groups of riders travelling together rather than individuals, just based on the accommodation arrangements and evening meals set up. I love the fact that the propheters took time and consideration to take us on visits to see places of historical interest, ie bunkers etc and took their evening meal with us as a family. I would recommend this holiday to intermediate riders who are reasonably fit as there is a lot of trot and canter work in order to cover the distance - all of which is wonderful but a capable novice who has only ridden in a school or short hacks would struggle. For me I would prefer to be allocated a horse for a day, based on the forms completed on my riding ability just to gain a confidence that I have been matched accordingly. Other than that this holiday has by far exeeded my expectations and there are many points not covered on the Far+Ride website that are huge selling points for this experience. Thank you! Please give Arabeska and Velma lots of love.
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
John Barbato From USA 20.02.2018
What i liked most? Seeing the country side. Gettings more comfortable on a horse.
Recommended route: Through the rivers of Gauja National Park
Ryan Walsh From USA 20.02.2018
After a small miscommunication, Adventure Ride modified the plans to fit the level of experience. I would highly recommend this outfit to people looking to explore Latvia on horseback. The family owned + operated business is responsive, organized, flexible and put safety as a priority.
Recommended route: Through the rivers of Gauja National Park
Birgit and Michael Hartl From Germany 20.02.2018
We spent an unforgettable week on horseback in Slitere. This place is made for riding, you feel like in paradise! The beautiful nature and landscape, the perfect trails, the excellent organization. The lonely beach. Horses are treated very well. Very friendly hosts. :) The team of Adventure Ride is doing an extraordinary job, everything is done to please the clients. Thank you all for these wonderful holidays!
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Federico Spinucci From Rome, Italy 20.02.2018
Here I had the best horse rides of my life. I wish everybody can have a holiday like this at least once in a lifetime.
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park
Sandra Masanz From Munich, Germany 19.02.2018
Very good week, with a very nice fine riding group and a nice guide. Good trained horses. Maybe its possible to give more alternative to the fish at picknick. Very thankful of all the pictures you done all the time.
Recommended route: Empty beaches of Slitere National Park