The most part of our trail ride horses are Latvian breed. All horses are well trained, with many years experience in the trail riding, good stamina and stable neural system. In our stables we have average 22 to 26 horses. Below you will get some insights about our main boys and girls :) 

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This mare has all qualities of the sport horse, which are noticed straight away by experienced riders. Now Arabeska has become more mature and more sedate, though has stayed as lovely, sensitive and friendly as before. Our professional instructors managed to make Arabeska as an ideal horse for training of young riders on lunge. This horse has a very stable neural system and has none of bad habits against humans.



Gabriela is not only very beautiful, but also very smart and diligent girl. She was the first to perform verbal commands what we have to say thanks to previous owner of Gabriel for. From time to time she converts her cleverness into some cunning. She is a real horse for kids as she is very careful with kids. It’s possible to entrust kids to Gabriel without presence of adults. In the crowd of horses Gabriel behaves like attentive mother towards other mates and loves to cuddle with people and now has become a mother to a beautiful foal and is in leave for child care. Very well-mannered horse.

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A handsome boy with strong and muscular legs and Latvian working vigour. This steed is reliable and safe companion for any route or ride. As a real Latvian boy will not miss out the chance to eat and sleep well. However Mars is very obedient and easy to handle with, starts to trot and canter by first order. He has a special springy trot.

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As graceful and beautiful as her name. Lady is sensitive, diligent, very quick-witted and fast mare. Lady will comply with your commands obediently, she is very easy to control even with 2 fingers. Lady is pretty independent character and pretty much a singleton, however she feels great in company as well. She is perfectly suitable to teach young riders to work with the horse on turns. This horse has an easy and elegant trot and canter.



The eldest horse in our stables, so she is called often as a Grandma. She traveled to our place from Latgale, but has recovered quickly and is in good shape now. Grandma best of all prefers to be a driving horse and does the job with a great patience, but she shows very strictly, if she doesn’t like something. Greta has the idliest life in stables as she works almost only when she must pull the cart or sleighs. She likes to be in paddock together with 3 guys.

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In between friends called as Fred. He is almost english thoroughbred horse. At the moment the only white horse, he is shy, but really friendly guy, a fount of inexhaustible energy. Alfred also loves company so much that cannot stay alone without seeing any other horse around even for 5 seconds. He is very sociable being. Fred is easy to bring into motion and to raise in trot. For those who can make use out of his energy, he will be like a real delicacy.

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Marcus has a true noble marquis nature and this fellow horse has already collected his own life experience. His pace is slower than that of other horses, but he is very diligent lad. Marcus is a character which cannot stay alone, he prefers to be with girls and is very courteous towards ladies, sometimes even falls in love with some mare. Lately he doesn’t mind to stay with Mars as well and this combination in between crew we call M&Ms. He is a perfect foster-father for our little one. He always takes care of Sweet Moonlight and protects her. Marcus has come together with Inga, but now participates in Horseback holidays.


Heindrih fan Aytta

This pureblood Friesian stallion can be proud of excellent lineage and character soft as of the stable tomcat. This gentleman has made 4 beautiful descendants during his life so far. This elegant chap remarkably relies on humans and is an example of benign nature. Not that often you can meet that calm and tender stallion that is so attentive towards people. Our Friesian has stunningly beautiful  muscular body with long black manes which wave in the wind while you enjoy his superb trot and canter. This guy is very sedate and quiet, so that he will follow on reins his faithful person even to the edge of the world. It is a real pleasure to work with him as this boy learns completely new things in a moment.

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Kevin is a charming boy with beautiful stature and all sport horse qualities. Steed knows how to delight a rider his gracile and light tread converting into impetuous canter and gallop. Kevin is another independent character in our stables, though he loves company as well. The guy is also very curious and likes to play with his tricks. We have got Kevin thanks to Zaiga and now he is a part of Horseback holiday team.



Atlant is the biggest horse in stables so far (177 cm to the withers). He is big and powerful beauty, though quite skittish as well, arrived from far East of Latvia. A boy is friendly to people and gets really well along with mares. Atlant is a real gentleman towards his girls in his paddock. He treats them all as ladies and misses them a lot during moments of separation. Atlant is confident and loves to be in our stables and in company with someone. Atlant arrived to our stables by virtue of Simona.

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Adru is beautiful Estonian breed horse. Even she is the smallest horse in our stables, she will be faster than some of our Latvian breed boys higher in size. She is listening to the rider very well and ready to discover with him even the whole world. Even with her small size she is very respected among other big horses in our stables. You will love her ;)

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According the hystorical legend Bucefal was the horse of Alexander III the great (King of Macedonia and Conqueror of the Persian Empire) and one of the most famous actual horses of antiquity. In novadays Bucephal is really fast and great boy continuing the traditions of his famous name. Actually we call him Bucik, because that is shorter. In the long trails he is more like leading guide horse. Comes to our stables thanks to Julia. 

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If we will translate the Latvian name Bite in English that will be a Bee, but in German it will be Please. Off course as he is Latvian horse a Bee is more correct. He is a very calm and in the same time work hard like a Bee. A horse with wonderful stamina and skills. Comes to our stables thanks to Julia. 



Radiantas is a truly genuine Andalusian. Real stallion with character of southern latitude. The boy has firm character, so it will never give you the way. It is a game for him and he likes to play a lot. Although he is still young, he is just about to step into adulthood. He is under Felix’s charge. Radiantas is not participating in the trail riding.

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This black boy is beautiful like his name. Trully love the company of the riders and ready to go anywhere you will ask him. Comes to our stables thanks to Julia.


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