AdventureRide offer many activities for Non-Riders as well. Choose our outdoor guide services for specially selected outdoor activities, local culture and nature insights. 

Outdoor guide walking tours

Walking and hiking tours

We will guide you through the most beautiful paths of Latvia like Gauja National park, through cultural heritage and best kept secrets to explore. Choose the program most interesting for you and visit the undiscovered pearl of Adventure tourism in Europe.

Outdoor guide wildlife and bird tours

Wildlife and bird watching tours

Latvian wildlife is so  diverse!  You will  be spending all of your day in a few animal watching ambushes with hot herbal tea served, to keep you warm. If you are really patient and silent you will have a possibility to meet different kind of mammals like mooses, deer, lynx and many more.

Middle-sized and large terrestrial animals are well-known to people with 63 species discovered in Latvia. Carnivores or predatory animals are mainly meat-eating animals, like cats but many of them are omnivores. In Latvia there are 14 species: Wolf, Lynx, Racoon Dog, Fox, Otter, Stone Marten, etc. We have many more ;)

Outdoor guide survival game

Orienteering survival game with geocaching

If you already are familiar with forests of Gauja national park, animals and techniques of orienteering, you are ready for real survival adventure. We will give you survival backpack filled with all the necessary equipment and GPS. 

Following the legend you will find different nature and historical attractions on your trail through the deep forest on your own, with no assistance from our side.You can always use RED ALERT option and you will be shortly evacuated from the trail even if you have not finished it yet.

Outdoor guide MTB tour

Bicycle or MTB tours

If you love to explore new destinations with bicycle, Latvia is the best place to do it. You can choose easy routes with good surface or more adventurous and harder MTB trails through forests with up and down altitude changes. In both cases you will enjoy beautiful nature of Latvia, nice sights and a lot more. We will  of course provide you with both wheels :)

Outdoor guide boating or kayaking

Boating or kayaking tours

Whitewater kayaking and rafting becomes possible in springtime when small technical WW2 class rivers are waking up after winter silence and braking their way through incredibly wild forests right to the sea. There are even cases when kayakers report seeing a wolf running after a fox when they are going down the stream in a kayak!

In the summer time canoe will be the most appropriate. In this season Gauja river in Gauja national park and other rivers will stream you through beautiful river valley, along beautiful cliffs, through gorgeous woods and some rapids.

Outdoor guide in blacksmith

Crafts man workshop

Craft is the oldest way of creating useful items from nature’smatter. Explore manufacturing unique items from locally available resources. Because of its connection to land, culture and local people, craftsmanship is a traditional form of art. In Latvia craft is not just manufacturing goods – identical to singing or dancing, craftsmanship is one of oldest national heritages and both Latvian blacksmith, creating wood craft, ceramics, weaved blankets, folk dress belts and other very beautiful things.

Outdoor guide top secret Soviet bunkers

Guided tour through Soviet army secret defense bunkers

One of the angles making Baltics a very special destination is the heritage left after Soviet army. An impressive military legacy has been left after the departure of the Soviet, and later the Russian, army. There are former Top secret U-Boat port and espionage radar as well as Soviet secret nuclear missile bases, secret defense bunkers and many more now available for visitors to discover and explore!

Outdoor guide offroad adventures

Off-Road 4x4 tour

Join us, if you enjoy the mud that spalshes onto the windshield and hard surface to explore with a real 4x4 car. We will discover small and fun and most imporantly wildroads with a rather untouched and beautiful nature around. We will not disturb the nature and will not create any new roads in the forest. We have several gorgeous routes to enjoy with 4x4 in Latvia.

Outdoor guide local sauna rituals

Enjoy secret rituals of local sauna

If you are looking to enjoy real Latvia, you must experience a Latvian sauna ritual! It is a very important part of latvian traditions. For Latvians, the sauna is a very special place where the soul is cleansed just as much as the body. Enjoy real latvian traditions with local sauna rituals. Wet baths, where water is ladled over the hot rocks to “raise the spirits” is the only real local sauna in Latvia. 

Outdoor guide Riga excursion

Guided excursion in Riga

Riga is the the European capital of culture in 2014. Riga is amazing with  more than 800 years of history and gorgeous Old town. Take a note that about  forty percent of buildings in the centre of Riga belong to art nouveau, which is quiet a bit more than in other European cities. Thestreets of Riga bear its over 800-year-long history: the many centuries and rulers, Art Nouveau architecture and Modernism, wooden buildings and masonry. Yet the city is still young and its cultural & historic environment blends with diverse contemporary events. You must visit European capital of culture!

Outdoor guide excursion in castles

Guided excursions in the castles of Gauja national park

Gauja national park is just amazing as there you can explore not only the beautiful nature. This park provides you with  rich culture diversity with highest concentration of medieval castles in one territory. Enjoy the visit to  a medieval castle of Livoonian order in Sigulda and Cesis, castle of Bishop Albert in Turaida, wooden castle on the lake in Araisi and have a meal l in some of the impressive neo-baroque castles in Gauja national park. 

Outdoor guide cross country ski tour

Cross country ski tours

Guided cross country skiing tours in the winter are the best ways to explore real adventures in the country where forests cover a vast amount of the countryside. 

This will be a wonderful day on the ski through fairytale-like forests. You will see many animal paths and maybe some wildlife as well. This day provides a beautiful diversity of nature insights.

Outdoor guide snow shoes walking tour

Snow shoe walking tours

You will discover and explore the places far beyond standard tourist paths. No worries even if the snow is more than 1m deep because you will use special snow shoes. Great insight into the beauty of Gauja national park in winter. In addition to great nature, you will enjoy local and traditional craftsmanship, because snow shoes you will be using are made according to traditional methods from natural materials. 

Outdoor guide dog sledge

Driving on dog sledge

Enjoy fast run through the beautiful snowy forest on a dog sledge. Each sledge is available for two guests looking for real adventure. You can choose slower or faster sledge with 4 till up to 8 dogs per sledge if you are looking for more intensive feelings. 

We will provide the necessary instructions and you will have a chance to drive your sladge yourself. Sledge tracks offer you nice run through beautiful snowy forest paths.

Outdoor guide winter activities

Driving on a horse sledge

Sledge tracks are gliding silently through the snow crunching. You and your loved ones sitting in sledge and gazing on the beautiful snowy pine tops. You will be able to go sledging through a beautiful hilly pine forest, where the horse will be led by an experienced guide. In the forest it is often possible to meet  deer or leave them some carrots hanged on a fire tree. Children will also enjoy feeding the horses with carrots in our stables. 

Outdoor guide ice fishing

Ice fishing

When the lakes and rivers are covered in ice, they are available for ice fishing. This is one of the popular winter activities in Latvia. Experienced professionals will introduce you tobest Ice fishing places where you will be able to enjoy the silence and beautiful nature with frozen  lakes and rivers.

Our experienced guide will provide you with all the necessary equipment for ice fishing, including the drill, rod and bait. After a few hours we’ll take a break to grill our fish on an open fire.

Outdoor guide snowmobile tour

Snowmobile tour

Latvia is one of the most welcoming areas for snowmobile vacations as anyone with a driving licence can rent snowmobile and have a great and anventurous ride ! . We have several beautiful snowmobile routes to explore in Latvia. Availability depends on the reservations. Take a note that when we arrange snowmobile tours, they are always specifically made for private groups.. We do not have any scheduled or public safaris.


Choose the Adenture most interesting for you... Looking forward to meeting you in Adventures ;)